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Every $1 you Donate to Hardship Heroes is a vote for your favorite pet!!

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Vote for your favorite pet today!

Every $1 you Donate to Hardship Heroes is a vote for your favorite pet!! 


Terms & Conditions

I understand that this contest is a promotional fundraiser for Hardship Heroes. I give permission and consent to Hardship Heroes to use my information including Owner Name, Pet Name as well as any photos associated or submitted for this contest for promotional and contest purposes. I understand that entering this contest my name, my pets name and any images related to this contest are public. I understand I am giving Hardship Heroes my personal information. I understand Hardship Heroes will not sell, trade or publicly release my address, phone number or email address. I understand ONLY Hardship Heroes may use my address, phone number or email address for future communications. I understand voting is based on how much dollars are donated to Hardship Heroes on behalf of my pet. I understand that all "votes"/donations made to Hardship Heroes MUST HAVE PETS NAME IN COMMENT BOX when making payment. If not vote is forfeited to strictly a nonrefundable general Hardship Heroes Donation. I understand the winner or pet with the most funds donated will receive a $25 Gift Card from Pet Smart. I understand winner is liable for any and all taxes related to the winning prize.

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